Value Added Services


We want you to make the most of your loan.


Protection Plan

Enjoy peace of mind when you borrow
money from us by insuring your loan.


Home & Auto
Benefit Plan

Life happens. We've got your back
should something come up



We'll help you stay on top of
your credit and your easy loan.

Loan Protection Plan

Sometimes it helps to plan for the unexpected.


hours to
 a claim


of all claims
are approved


thousand claims
paid annually


Accident or sickness

We offer protection in the event that you're

unable to work for 10 consecutive business days

on payments made for up to 6 months.


Critical illness

When you borrow money with us, we'll protect

you financially if you're diagnosed with or suffer

an unprecedented life-threatening health issue.


Involuntary unemployment

Financial protection on your fast loan if you've

been unemployed for more than

9 months and are eligible for EI benefits.


Unfortunate death

We provide coverage in the unfortunate

event that a client passes away.



Find out how our Loan Protection Plan can help you.


Home & Auto Benefit Plan

We've got you covered if something comes up.


Locksmith services

It happens to the best of us. We offer up to $150

of professional emergency locksmith service.



We cover up to 48 hours

of emergency treatment expenses

from accidents occurring in the US.


Deductible insurance

We offer up to $500 homeowner's and renter's

insurance deductibles, just in case.



If your car breaks down or is involved in an accident,

we ease financial stress by offering

$750 emergency transportation.


Road services​

We provide unlimited emergency

towing and road services.


If you have an emergency and need support call 1-866-5-CANADA.



Credit Monitoring

We'll help you keep tabs on your credit for protection and planning.


Unlimited credit checks

stay on top of your finances with unlimited

online access to your credit score and financial reports.


Personalized debt analysis

We'll provide you with personalized analysis of your

fast loan and helpful tips for managing your credit.



Fraud protection

We'll keep an eye on your finances

to make sure everything is accounted for.


Email credit alerts​

Access credit card alerts and reports

conveniently delivered to your email inbox.


Learn how credit monitoring can make borrowing money simpler.