This Valentine’s Day Say More With Less

Valentines Day 2021 Say More with Less

While we’re juggling work, chores, and focusing on the kids, we don’t always make the time to say ‘I love you’ to each other. This Valentine’s Day, shower your loved ones with the most valuable gifts of all… time and appreciation.

easyfinancial blog articleValentine’s day is that special time of year where you get to show the ones you love just how much you appreciate them. For some, there’s an unspoken expectation to spend money on a grand gesture; a dozen long stem roses, gold or diamond jewelry, and chocolates (all at a premium) are among the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts. According to CBC, many Canadian couples also don’t talk about the cost of their purchases (Valentines Day or otherwise).

One out of every five Canadians in marriages or common law relationships confessed their significant other does not know how much debt they are in, according to a new survey by Manulife. More than one out of every nine people admitted to having hidden the price of a large purchase from a loved one.

Think about it; where is that pressure to perform really coming from? If you’re tight on money, would your partner or loved ones still expect you to spend money on a show of affection?

Creating great memories on Valentine’s day has more to do with how you spend time with your loved ones. Some of the most romantic and memorable gifts and gestures are the ones that you can’t put a price on. Make Valentine’s Day memorable without emptying your pockets with these priceless date ideas:

Plan a Romantic Night In

Cook a romantic dinner at home for a quarter of the price (and none of the headaches required to find a reservation) it would cost to dine out at a restaurant. Recreate the romantic ambiance of a fine restaurant with candles and flowers and a customized pre fixed menu. After dinner, watch the first movie you ever saw together to bring back old memories.

Make it Sentimental

It’s almost guaranteed that your Valentine will love any gift that is personalized and meaningful. If you’ve been sweethearts for a long time, you can create a time capsule with sentimental trinkets you’ve saved; ticket stubs you’ve saved from past dates, pictures from your first summer together, or postcards from places you’ve been together. If you’re thinking, ‘darn, I wish I’d thought of that sooner!’ start a memory box today for next Valentine’s Day!

Leave Your Partner Love Clues

This is both, fun and meaningful! Create an easy treasure map that leads your partner to their gift that you’ve hidden somewhere in the house. Lead your partner there by creating clues that point them to different spots, where they will find the next clue. Each clue can convey a special note for your loved one. Maybe you’ve left an old picture at one of your clue points with a love letter. Or, maybe you washed all the dishes (which your partner hates doing themselves), and you left their clue for them in the emptied sink. At the end of the hunt, you get to meet up and exchange gifts.

Make an At-Home Oasis

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could block out the rest of the world for a few hours? Create a calm, relaxing ambiance just for the two of you with lighted candles or string lights, comfy blankets and pillows, and a warm meal for two. Earn extra points with a warm bubble bath and a foot rub.

Skip the Card and Write a Love Letter

Commercial cards are beautiful, but can cost as much as $10. What your partner really wants is the sentiment inside. Instead, write a personalized love letter. This is a timeless gift that your partner can cherish long after the Hallmark holiday is over.

Try Something New Together

Plan your date night around an experience you can both enjoy together. Sign up for a virtual event such as a paint night or a cooking class, and turn your home based Valentine's Day into a night "out". This allows for some intimate time where you get to learn something new about each other, create new memories and have fun all at the same time.

Being on a budget does not have to be boring. With great planning, you can create truly memorable moments for your loved ones.

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