How much does a wedding cost in Canada?


✔ The average wedding cost in Canada is $30K.

✔ Establish (and try to stick to) a budget so you can prioritize the things you want most.

✔ DIY your flowers, make it a potluck, ask a friend to take photos, and make a great playlist instead of paying for a DJ or a band.

✔ Invite fewer people: a smaller wedding is more intimate, costs less – and more meaningful.

How much does a wedding cost? What about a typical wedding dress? Cake? Flowers? Photographers? Wedding rings? Invitations? It can add up fast: the average cost of a wedding in Canada is $30,000[i]. But don’t worry: smaller, less expensive weddings are completely on-trend, as Canadian couples realize that less really is more.

Your best bet is to start with (and stick to) a budget. Identify the elements that are most important to you, which things aren’t as vital, and make a plan from there. If you want to hire a wedding photographer, maybe you can do your own flowers. Or if you decide to splurge on a caterer, get a music-savvy friend to make a playlist instead of bringing in a DJ.

With careful planning and some smart saving strategies, you can put together an event that’s unique, beautiful and unforgettable. Keep reading for cost-saving tips and practical advice to help you focus less on your expenses – and more on celebrating the special day with people you love.

Cut down the guest list. Inviting fewer people is the #1 way to keep costs down. You don’t have to invite everyone: a smaller group makes for a more intimate, meaningful experience, with more time to spend connecting with people you care about. 

Spend less on the dress. With the average price of a wedding dress hovering around $2,000, this is another big opportunity for savings. You can rent a dress, get one second-hand (just Google “second-hand wedding dresses” in your city), or even borrow one.

Pick an off-peak time. If you’re looking for a venue, remember that weekends book up fast and are usually the priciest dates, with Saturdays being particularly coveted (and expensive). Book on a Friday or a Sunday to reduce your costs, or plan for something mid-week to save even more. 

Host a backyard bash. Instead of a complicated destination wedding, stay put in your own private space. Whether it’s your home, a friend’s place, or a relative’s cottage or farm, having your celebration there could save you a ton of money.

DIY your flowers. Professional floral arrangements are expensive. If someone you know has an eye for creating pretty bouquets, consider a do-it-yourself approach. Go minimalist to save even more: imagine carrying a single white dahlia down the aisle, or having one or two cute gerbera daisies gracing each table. 

Go digital. Instead of pricey paper invitations, send out email invites. Not only is it free, it’s eco-friendly – and easier for guests to RSVP! 

Get your friends involved. Got an artistic cousin who’s good with a video camera? Ask her to record the ceremony. Know someone who’s a passionate baker? See if they’ll make the cake. Make the meal a potluck: request that guests bring their signature dishes to share.

Have a cash bar. If you’re at a venue, getting guests to pay for their own drinks can mean huge savings. Or find out if you can bring in your own alcohol. 

Embrace the whole “something borrowed” thing. Whether it’s your grandmother’s wedding dress, your friend’s 1970s cufflinks, or your uncle’s vintage car instead of a limo, you can add some real style to your wedding while sticking to your budget. 

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Disclaimer: This content is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice on any subject matter.

[i] Average Cost of a Wedding to Top $30K in 2024. Yahoo News. Viewed April, 2024. Source.

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