How to save money this Halloween

If you’re planning for a spooky celebration this Halloween, now is the time to start planning a memorable night for less money. Whether you’re hosting a costume party, dressing up the house with scary decorations, carving pumpkins, or creating one-of-a-kind costumes, it can put a lot of stress on you and your wallet. So how can you celebrate the night, give the kids a fun time, and not spend a lot? 

Here are four tips to help you plan your spooky celebration on a budget:

Get costume crafty 

Shopping at second-hand thrift stores is a popular choice for those looking to save money on costumes. They’re a great place to get ideas, most carry donated costumes from previous years, and all clothing is sold for much less than if bought brand new. The key is to start early and shop around to ensure you get to pick from the best stuff.  

You can also host a costume ‘swap’ with family, neighbours, and friends. Everyone brings their used costumes, masks, and wigs from past years and exchanges them with each other for free. Whether you get one thing for a costume or a whole outfit, the kids get something for trick or treating without you having to spend a lot. 

Crush candy costs 

The biggest part of Halloween is all that candy! Stores are expected to sell over $400 million in treats throughout October. Here are some tips to crush the costs of those sweet treats: 

  • Buy smaller sizes. Trick-or-treaters will be happy with any type or size of candy. To manage your spending, buy snack-size treats of chocolates or candies instead of full-size ones. 
  • Check out the flyers. Try to shop at lower-priced retailers. Some bulk stores have deals during the week, including discounts when you bring your containers.  
  • Buy later. The closer to Halloween it gets, the better your chances of scoring a deal. While there may be less to choose from, it is more likely that retailers are offering discounts to get rid of stock. 

DIY décor & discounts 

Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook always feature over-the-top haunted-home creations. While they look great, they typically come at a high cost. The best way to save on creating your spooky Halloween home is to keep it simple with these 4 tips:

  • Give yourself a budget and stick to it. This will help you avoid last-minute impulse purchases.
  • Research online. Instead of going from store to store to find the best deals, price shop and compare online. It’s a great way to see what’s available, where the deals are, and if there are decorations that meet your budget. Don’t forget to check out flyers, coupons and rebate apps. 
  • Reuse and recycle. If you have decorations from last year, reuse them and just add a carved pumpkin or two. 
  • Plan way ahead. Stock up on next year’s décor by visiting the stores on November 1st. Most places will be looking to get rid of leftover stock with clearance sales at deep discounts. 

Plan your party 

If you’re hosting a ghoulish gathering and want to manage your costs consider starting with these ideas:

  • Keep the guest list short.  The more people, the more food and drinks you need to buy. A smaller guest list is easier to plan for and helps to keep costs low. 
  • Make it a potluck party. Look for spooky recipes and ideas online and get your guests to participate in making some food. Or if they prefer not to cook, assign them drinks or snacks to bring. 
  • Go simple on décor. Inexpensive craft paper from your local dollar store can be used to make cut-out spiders, ghosts and other decorations to hang around the house.
  • Create a contest for the thriftiest costume. It encourages everyone to get creative while also not spending a lot.

Whether you’re prepping the kids for trick-or-treating, planning a party, or stocking up on candy, a little planning can help you have a scary, spooky, and low-cost good time!

Disclaimer: This content is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice on any subject matter.

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