How can Credit Optimizer improve your credit score?

credit optimizer

Our unique simulator tool can help you manage, build and optimize your credit score.


How does Credit Optimizer work?

How Credit Optimizer can help improve your credit score

How is Credit Optimizer different than other tools

Why our customers love Credit Optimizer 

Having a good credit score is an important part of financial health. New Canadians or students who haven’t built up credit or people who have had some struggles and have a poor credit score are at a disadvantage.

“Having a good credit score is helpful in most of life’s events because it helps people get easily approved in the market for the goods they are looking for,” says Venkata Pelluri, financial service representative at easyfinancial. “When you have a good credit score you don’t need to worry about whether you can get approval or not. All you need to figure out is how to pay the loan back. It takes out a lot of stress.”

How does Credit Optimizer work?

You put in your desired credit score in the Target Score Calculator and the tool recommends a plan on how to get there. There’s also a Money Calculator that shows best practices for any extra money you might have. For example, if you have an extra $100 this month, it will tell you know where best to put your money to have an impact on your credit score!

“It’s a pathway to people who are struggling to build credit. It helps to guide them how to use the money effectively when they have petty cash.” ~ Venkata Pelluri

Credit Optimizer is a helpful tool to improve credit score

But what can you do to build or improve your credit score? We have a unique solution. This unique tool is different than other tools. It doesn’t just let you monitor your credit score. It gives you personal recommendations on how to improve it!

The Credit Optimizer tool has two calculators – one that tell you what debts to pay down to get to your target credit score, and another that tells you where to put your money to maximize the improvement to your credit score.

Credit Optimizer is different from other tools

Traditional credit monitoring might let you do credit checks, have fraud protection or give you a debt analysis. Other credit score simulators also might give you an interactive dashboard. But only Credit Optimizer offers all of this plus a plan customized just for you to improve your credit score and it gives you credit coaching as well.

So, you’re in charge of creating a better financial future for yourself, but Credit Optimizer “acts like a mentor and advises you” on how to get there, says Pelluri.

Customers love the results with Credit Optimizer

Improving their credit score with Credit Optimizer has been a good experience for his customers, Pelluri says.

“By checking the credit score in Credit Optimizer, I always let them know how positive their journey is,” he says.  “As they see that positive growth, most of my clients would love to continue as they are able to see the fruitful results.”

He recalls one customer’s success story with Credit Optimizer:

“I remember so well one of my clients who applied for a loan and got a hard decline. I convinced him to get a creditplus [savings loan] and he got a free membership for Credit Optimizer and started to monitor every activity” and take the recommended steps, he says.  

“This customer got a preapproval [loan] of $5,000 from easyfinancial within five months of his enrolment. All this is possible just because we are able to support him towards his positive efforts by providing tips, tools, updates, and suggestions. He can’t be happier.” ~Venkata Pelluri

Credit Optimizer can help you too

While this tool helps you take concrete steps to building a better tomorrow today, there is one other great benefit, says Pelluri. “Confidence,” he says. As his customers see their financial situation improve, “they have hope for the future.”

Credit Optimizer can help you take control of your financial future. For more information on how Credit Optimizer works, watch our video or contact us to talk to one of our financial services experts.

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