Budget friendly ways for Mom and the kids to celebrate Dad on Father’s Day

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✔ Dads deserve to be celebrated – on this Father’s Day, Mom and the kids have many options that are either free or inexpensive, but safe, to honour the special guy in their lives.

✔ Why not take over some of his chores, or indulge his favourite hobby or plan his favourite meal?

✔ Or ask him what he wants with our printable questionnaire?


The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly brought home for many Canadians the importance of family. We have learned to appreciate how much our loved ones mean to us. And Dad is no exception. Maybe he’s been working from home while juggling family life, or working in essential services, or helping out kids with home schooling – the last year certainly hasn’t been easy for dads.

So, why not take a bit of time to celebrate Dad this June 20? Father’s Day sometimes doesn’t get as much attention as Mother’s Day and your efforts don’t need to cost a lot of money to make Dad feel extra appreciated this year.


Show him you care by doing

Dads might not be as expressive sometimes, but don’t be fooled! Most dads are just as sentimental as anyone else – and kindness from Mom and the kids will make his heart melt. Here are just a few ideas.

Do some of the chores he hates: Whether it’s spring cleaning the yard, doing laundry, running errands or mowing the lawn, there’s bound to be a chore that usually falls on Dad’s shoulders that he would love to take a break from. Surprise him on Father’s Day by saying that dreaded chore is done! Or, make up little gift cards that promise Mom and the kids will do a series of chores over the summer.

Make his favourite dinner: Everyone has a favourite meal and perhaps, especially if the kids are picky eaters or the budget is tight, Dad might not get his favourite meal very often. Whether that’s a juicy steak, or homemade burgers or something else, he’s bound to appreciate a meal made in his honour!

Wash his car inside and out. If Dad has a car, or there is one family car everyone uses, it can get dirty pretty quickly, especially after a muddy spring. Go all out and clean the car both outside and inside – even little kids can wipe down surfaces or help with vacuuming. If it’s warm out, you might have too much fun spraying one another with the hose to realize you’re actually working!


Give him some alone time

All dads need a break sometimes, not matter how much they love spending time with their family. Give Dad a few hours to himself – whether that’s to pursue a favourite hobby, exercise or even just take a nap without disruption.


Buy him a little something

If you’re working on getting your financial house in order, trying to save or paying down debt, you don’t want to add stress by spending on something you can’t afford. But there are smaller things you can buy that show you know what’s important to him and make his hobbies more fun.


For his favourite hobby: If Dad loves to barbecue, you don’t have to go get him a new one, but you can get him a new grill brush, for instance. If he likes to bicycle, you could get him a new water bottle. The point is to give him something that he could use and that’s meaningful to him.

For his favourite sport: If Dad is a big sports fan, he’s been pretty disappointed with so many sports being cancelled and curtailed. An item of clothing, such as a ball hat, or a mug with his favourite team’s logo doesn’t have to cost a lot if the whole family is pitching in. You could even get really creative and bake a cake with his favourite team’s logo frosted on the top, or use fabric paint to draw a logo on a plain T-shirt!


Indulge in favourite memories and make new ones

One of a father’s favourite things of course is being a Dad! As a family, you’ve shared many special moments together. Why not surprise him with something that reminds him of those special times or helps to create another shared family memory?


Make a photo album: Whether you choose to create an old-fashioned family album or go the digital route, Dad will appreciate the family spending the time to collect treasured photos and bundle them together for a Father’s Day gift.

Have a movie or game night: If Dad is a movie buff, why not watch his favourite movie together (no matter how many times you might have seen it!)? Popcorn or fun party snacks can make it even more memorable. Or, have a friendly game of Scrabble, cards or some other family favourite. He’s bound to appreciate the whole family laughing together, even if he doesn’t win!

Play outdoors: Father’s Day occurs usually during one of the nicest months of the year with summer just beginning. If the weather is fine, take the party outdoors with a picnic, nature hike, a game of catch or Frisbee. It’ll be good for the whole family to spend time together in the sunshine.


There are literally thousands of ideas that can make dads feel celebrated on Father’s Day, and many of them are free or very inexpensive. You know best what Dad likes – with a bit of creative thinking, Mom and the kids can plan a day that will make him feel like the Worlds #1 Dad!

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