Budget friendly ways for Dad and the kids to celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day

Daneille Mattis


✔ Mothers deserve to be celebrated – on this Mother’s Day, Dad and the kids have many options that are either free or inexpensive, but safe, to honour the special lady in their lives.

✔ Why not get crafty, treat her to time alone, invite her to fun family activities or do chores to help show your love for her?

✔ Or ask her what she wants with our printable questionnaire?

For the second year in a row, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mother’s Day will be a little unusual. Families still practice social distancing and many venues and activities are still off-limits. So what can Dad and the kids do to celebrate Mother’s Day this May 9 that is safe, will make Mom feel special and doesn’t break the bank?

We have a list of ideas to get you started. All of these things can be personalized – after all, who knows Mom better than you?

Let her feel the love

Moms sometimes don’t get all the credit they deserve. And, after all the worries and stresses of the past year, she could probably use some cheer.

Make her breakfast in bed: If you all live together, Dad and the kids can get up early and make her one of her favourite early morning treats. Maybe that’s cinnamon toast (easy for kids to make) or pancakes or eggs Benedict and fruit if you’re handy in the kitchen. Bring her a tray, with a homemade card and some fresh flowers as well as breakfast. Let her sleep in though first, and don’t leave the mess in the kitchen for her to clean up!

Decorate the yard: This also works if you don’t live together, and not only tells Mom how much she’s loved but lets the whole neighbourhood know how special she is! Make a giant card out of leftover cardboard or any other firm material you might have handy, such as plywood – and decorate it with all the creativity Dad and the kids can muster. Attach balloons or streamers. You can Google outdoor Mother’s Day decorations for inspiration.

Make an appreciation book. You can either buy a simple scrapbook at the dollar store or make your own ‘book’ with construction paper and a stapler, plain paper and a hole punch and using ribbon to bind the pages together. Title it “The 10 Things We Love About Our Mom” and devote each page to one of the things you appreciate about her and decorate it so that it makes a lovely keepsake. Mom will treasure it for years. 

Give her a break from chores: Moms tend to do too much. Why not take over some of the chores most often left to Mom or which she would like to get done? That might mean doing all the laundry, cleaning up the yard, or doing a full house clean. Even very young children can help participate in some of these jobs!

Give her some alone time

Although the pandemic has meant a lot of isolation from family, friends and colleagues, many households have been in quarters that felt a little too close sometimes – especially with some parents working at home or when children were being schooled online. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for Mom is give her time to herself.

Take the kids out for the afternoon: Tell Mom that she has the house to herself to do (or not do) whatever she wants, while Dad takes the kids to the park for a few hours, or some other activity that’s out of the house.

Give her a spa bath: Fill up the bathtub with Mom’s favourite bath oil or bath salts (or surprise her with a gift of new ones!). Light some candles and, if she likes, play some soothing music. Offer her a cup of tea or glass of wine and then CLOSE the door. No fathers or kids allowed to disturb Mom for as long as she wants to soak in her little oasis. For an extra treat, when she’s ready to finish her bath, bring her a fluffy towel and/or bathrobe that’s been tossed in the dryer for a few minutes, so they’re cozy and warm!

Take part in activities together

Holidays are all about appreciating one another and spending time with those we love. Pick activities that Mom will love and that you will have fun doing as a family. Every family is different but here are a few ideas. Make sure you take lots of pictures to remember the occasion by!

Cook or bake together: There’s a reason why the kitchen is the heart of the home – it’s where we spend a lot of our quality time together. Why not spend the afternoon baking cookies or making a wonderful dinner for everyone to enjoy? Make sure Mom doesn’t have to do the shopping for supplies or have to clean up after on her special day!

Enjoy the outdoors together: Springtime in much of Canada is magical and, after a dreary winter and COVID-19 still affecting indoor activities, a family outdoor trip is a wonderful way to welcome spring. The family could go for a long walk, or plan a picnic, or fly a kite, or visit an outdoor garden centre – whatever strikes your fancy that you know Mom would like!

This Mother’s Day, fathers and children can make Mom feel special without having to financially splurge. Showing how much you love someone doesn’t need to cost money – it just takes a little imagination and planning!



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