Latest Updates on Our COVID-19 Response Plan

To our goeasy community, 

The health and well-being of our customers, employees and communities has always been our highest priority. As we continue to monitor and assess the global impact of COVID-19, we have activated a series of proactive and precautionary measures at our stores, branches and offices across Canada, to help limit the spread of the virus. We have been closely following the guidelines from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), and we are continuing to assess the situation daily. Our emphasis has been on modifying our business practices to ensure the health and safety of all, while also ensuring we can continue to deliver the highest quality service to our customers.

During these uncertain times, one constant has been the unwavering commitment of our team members to help our customers. The passion and dedication of our people and the way they have come together during this difficult and uncertain time, has been a tremendous source of pride for me. As things are changing daily, we are monitoring and adapting our business accordingly. We know that these can be stressful times, as many Canadians are now navigating workplace shutdowns, self-isolations or additional financial burdens such as added childcare expenses. 

We want you to know that our commitment to helping everyday Canadians has never been stronger. We will continue to be there for our customers by providing them with access to the credit they need today, while we strive to put them on the path to a better tomorrow. Rest assured, we will do everything possible to remain open for business and ready to serve you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Jason Mullins,
President and CEO 

COVID-19 Update March 23, 2020 

As more provinces have moved to a closure of all non-essential services, goeasy has made the decision to no longer accept in-person visits at our easyhome stores and easyfinancial branch locations effective Tuesday, March 24th.  This decision, although difficult, was made with the health and well-being of our team as our primary objective, while still ensuring that we can keep our employees fully productive and continue to provide essential services to our customers who are relying on us now more than ever.  

We will continue to service our customers remotely with the ability to offer loans and leases, as well as the ability to make payments virtually. Our delivery drivers for easyhome will move to a “doorstep” model for delivery and pickups whereby they can arrange to leave a customer’s items at their doorstep.

Actions Taken

Store and Branch Locations No Longer Accepting In-Person Visits: Effective Tuesday, March 24th, easyhome stores and easyfinancial branches will no longer be accepting in-person visits. We remain open to service our customers leasing and lending needs through our digital and virtual channels.

Doorstep Delivery Model: We will be immediately moving to a “doorstep delivery” model only for our easyhome business.Customers will be notified that their delivery or pick-up will be made by arranging to leave their product directly inside their front entry way to ensure the health and safety of both our employees and customers.

We are Here to Our Customers

Open for Business Virtually: Although our stores and branches are no longer accepting in person visits, our teams continue to work to service our customers through our phone and digital channels. We are fully equipped to offer lending and leasing services to all customers remotely so our customers can apply for a loan or shop online and get access to the financial support they require during these times.  

COVID-19 Update March 17, 2020

We continue to focus on prioritizing the health and well-being of our employees, customers and communities, while trying to remain fully operational and accessible to the many Canadians that continue to rely on our services. Bellow are the additional actions we have taken to date.

Actions Taken 

  • Support Center: We have moved to a fully remote work model for our employees based out of our Mississauga head office.
  • National Shared Services Center (NSSC): Our NSSC operations in both Mississauga and Hamilton continue to be open. We have divided all critical operational functions across two separate sites in Mississauga and Hamilton. This includes Central Collections and the Central Loan Approval Office, which has already moved more than half of its team to a full remote working model as an extra preventative measure. In parallel, we continue to test and equip our teams with the ability to work remotely. Employees that are at greater health risk as defined by the Public Health Authority of Canada, will work remotely where they have the capability to do so.
  • Employees at our Stores and Branches:  We have introduced a “Customer Disclosure Questionnaire”. This tool is designed to help our employees assess the health of our customers and visitors to our stores and branches in order to determine if the customer is in good health and does not pose a risk to anyone in the store or branch. 

    We have given all employees the discretion and autonomy to cancel and postpone face-to-face interactions (loan appointments, deliveries or pick-ups) with customers if they indicate they are ill or have been in contact with someone that has been ill. 

    In addition, we are also limiting the number of customers to a maximum of 3-4 in our stores and 2-3 in our branches and are asking that where possible, employees maintain a distance of more than 2 meters with other individuals. 

We are Here to Help Our Customers

We know that many of our customers along with millions of Canadians, are facing financial hardships as a result of the evolving COVID-19 situation. During these unprecedented times, we remain committed to our customers and are here to help them through these uncertain times. We have several tools currently in place to help our customers and encourage them to reach out directly to our branch or call center immediately to find out how we can help.

  • Payment Deferrals: We will support our customers with the ability to temporarily defer a payment should they need some immediate financial relief. 
  • Term Extensions:  Customers also have the ability to extend the term of their loan to help reduce the amount of their payments. 
  • We know that each of our customer’s situations is unique, and we are committed to working with each individual to help them find a solution that will best fit their needs.


COVID-19 Update March 16, 2020

Actions Taken 

To protect the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities, we have implemented a series of measures that will allow us to continue to serve our customers, while also greatly reducing the risk of illness and spread of the virus. We have formed a task force that is convening every few hours to review and discuss an action plan. Below are the changes we have made to date, but we continue to monitor the situation and will adjust our processes in real time as we receive new information. 

  • Intensified Cleaning: Our stores, branches and head office are cleaned and sanitized regularly as a normal course of business. Recently we have increased the frequency and intensity of those cleanings to ensure our spaces are as safe as possible. 
  • Standard Hygiene Protocols: We continue to promote good hygiene at our offices with ongoing communications to our employees about the importance of frequent hand washing and the cleaning of work surfaces. We have also increased the stock of cleaning supplies. 
  • Events and Meetings: We have currently suspended all large gatherings including our company conference and have converted all other meetings to virtual events. 
  • Travel: All non-essential domestic and international business travel has been suspended until further notice. We are implementing self-isolation procedures for a period of 14 days if an employee has travelled out of the country or has been in contact with someone that may be affected by the virus. The employee must also be symptom-free before returning to work. 
  • Social Distancing: We have implemented a series of social distancing measures in all our offices. We know that transmission of the virus is enhanced via hand-to hand contact, so we are proactively asking our employees to avoid shaking hands with customers, fellow employees, and other visitors to our work locations. Our approach to customer service hasn’t changed! We value every customer that walks in our doors more than ever and that’s why we replaced handshakes with smiles and waves. 
  • Employees in our Stores and Branches: If any employee is feeling ill (for any reason), they are asked to stay home until they are better. If an employee does show up to work and shows signs of illness, their manager will proactively ask them to leave. If an employee is in contact with someone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19, they will also be asked to self-isolate for a 14-day period. These measures should ensure that the risk of being in contact with the virus in one of our stores or branches is dramatically reduced.

We are Here to Help Our Customers 

As of today, goeasy and our easyhome and easyfinancial stores and branches are open for business and we are ready and prepared to serve the millions of everyday Canadians that have come to rely on us during their time of need. We are here to offer financial support for those that need access to credit, and we are prepared to help all our existing customers through any financial struggles they may be facing. However, we would ask that anyone experiencing signs or symptoms of illness, refrain from visiting our stores and branches at this time. 

  • Digital & Phone Support: Much of our lending and customer service activity can be done digitally and remote. Loan applications and leasing orders can be submitted online, and many of the documents and information we need to collect from our customers to create a loan or lease can be submitted electronically. We also have an extensive set of payment tools available that allow customers to pay us digitally without visiting a location. Furthermore, we have always been willing and able to help customers that are facing financial challenges and do whatever we can to help them during periods of financial strain. Customers can visit us online at or, call or visit their local branch or store, or reach us by phone at 1-866-327-9597
  • Remote Support: To ensure that our business can continue to operate without interruption, we have put into place a series of measures that include moving our entire corporate office to full remote work and dividing our call center across two distinct separate sites in Mississauga and Hamilton. We have also increased the number of remote staff to support our retail network. These actions greatly limit the amount of human contact that occurs across our company and prepares us to remain in business under any circumstance.