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Our team is available Monday to Friday from 8am-8pm EST and Saturday and Sunday from 10am-6:30pm EST to assist you.


For Our Customers​

Ensuring we can continue to support, and provide the help you need today, is a key priority for our team. We know that many of you, along with millions of other Canadians, may be facing financial hardships as a result of the evolving COVID-19 situation. In order to best help you manage through these trying times, we have developed a Customer Assistance  Program designed to provide solutions that meet your unique needs.

Customer Assistance Program

There are several tools within our Customer Assistance Program designed to help you manage through your unique situation. If you are looking for help, please know we are here for you. Call your local branch or our call center at 1-888-502-3279 and we’ll help you find an option that meets your needs.

•  Loan Protection Insurance: If you have purchased our Loan Protection Plan, you may be covered for up to 6 months of payments as a result of job loss or illness. If you would like more information or would like to start a claim, 
click here

•  ​Payment Deferrals: If you need to temporarily defer a payment to provide you with some immediate financial relief, we can help. Contact your 
local branch for details.

•  ​Term Extensions: If you are looking for help to reduce the amount of your payments, extending the term of your loan may help you reduce the amount of your payments in order to better fit your current budget. 

Customer Resource Center

Our unique COVID-19 resource center is designed to help you navigate through the current financial environment. With articles and tools, our resource center is a one stop solution to help you stay on track with your finances during this time. Learn more here