Get Crafty 5 Thrifty Crafts to Try with the Kids

Date posted: Dec. 23, 2016
Get Crafty – 5 Thrifty Crafts to Try with the Kids

Amidst the chaos of bustling malls and holiday cocktail parties, it’s easy to forget the true reason for the season. Make the most of days off from school and work by spending quality time with your little ones. Crafting is a great way to nurture your child’s creative side while teaching important values around sharing and generosity. Encourage them to create a holiday craft as a gift for a friend, sibling, or cousin. Crafting costs can add up, but here’s a secret – they don’t have to. These affordable and fun craft ideas will help stretch your cash loan even further this holiday season.

Pine Cone Christmas Trees


Head outside with your little ones to scavenge fallen pine cones and then help them paint the pinecone tips green. Spice your pinecone tree up by dusting it with glitter and topping it with a star. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to create elegant stars at home – from twisting pipe cleaners to cutting a star shape out of tinfoil. Simply set your pinecone inside a terra cotta pot and you’ve made an affordable craft that won’t cut into the money you borrow around the holidays.


Super Sweet Sugar Cookies


This holiday classic is fun to make and delicious to eat. Follow your favourite sugar cookie recipe (we love this one from Katrina’s Kitchen) and let your kids decorate the cookies with red, green, and white sprinkles. Avoid expensive culinary stores and pick up sprinkles from your local dollar store at a more reasonable price. That way, you can save your easy loan for bigger purchases.

Gingerbread House Ornaments


Homemade ornaments are a wonderful keepsake and a great alternative to pricey decorations – especially for families caught in the payday loan cycle. Made from leftover cardboard, these gingerbread house ornaments are especially thrifty. Use a craft knife or regular scissors to cut house shapes out of cardboard. Create a hole at the top of your gingerbread house roof using a hole punch. Thread a string through the hole and tie it firmly - you will hang the ornaments from this loop. Now, turn the gingerbread house over to your little one to decorate to their heart’s content.



Pom-Pom Snowman


When your little one is tired from building snowmen outside, help them create an adorable miniature version indoors. Let them stack white pom-poms and create eyes, a carrot nose, and buttons out of coloured cardstock. Give them a hand by glue-gunning on the eyes, buttons, and nose to the snowman’s pom-pom head.


Snow globe in a jar


This timeless holiday decoration makes a thoughtful gift for your child’s favourite teacher, aunt, uncle, or grandparent. Start by setting aside an old jam container or mason jar. Glue a couple of seasonal miniatures from the dollar store – reindeer, snowmen, or Christmas trees to the inside lid of the jar. To stretch your cash loan further, consider using fallen acorns and pine cones. Once the glue has dried fill the jar with any faux snow you can find. You can also substitute snow for sparkles or cotton balls you have around the house. Close the lid on the jar. Your holiday scene is now a winter wonderland!


Holiday crafting is a fun way to keep kids occupied and amused during lengthy family gatherings. Setting them up at a craft table with fellow children and helpful adults is a great alternative to a holiday movie marathon (full disclosure: we’ll be doing this later). With a little bit of creativity, you’ll have no trouble crafting without having to take out a high interest payday loan.

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