Do Not Break The Bank When Temperatures Break Zero

Date posted: Nov. 28, 2016
Do Not Break The Bank When Temperatures Break Zero

Winter weather presents a multitude of driving obstacles. Avoid racking up unnecessary expenses and make the most of your easyfinancial loan by preparing for winter’s unforeseen challenges before temperatures drop.

Drive Safely

While drivers should always be cautious, it’s especially important to keep your eyes on the road during the winter months. Colliding with potholes and other road obstacles can unbalance tires, bend rims, and damage your car’s alignment. When in traffic, watch for snow and ice sliding off other cars to avoid expensive damage to your vehicle. Be sure to factor in extra travel time during the winter months, as rushing on icy roads can be dangerous for you, your vehicle, and your wallet.

Remove Snow Properly

Drivers heading to work or school are often pressed for time when removing snow from their vehicles. It’s tempting to get snow off your vehicle however possible, but using the wrong tool may cause permanent damage. easyfinancial recommends against brushing your car with a metal scraper or a shovel as there’s a risk you could damage your car’s exterior paint. Drivers might also consider starting their engines ten to fifteen minutes before heading out to melt ice without damaging the finish.

Monitor Fuel Levels

Failing to properly maintain fluid levels can mean expensive repairs that chip into the personal loan you’ve taken out. Be sure your engine coolant – antifreeze ratio is correct, and keep windshield washer fluid topped up to avoid freezing or cracking your reservoir. When temperatures really drop, you’ll want to keep your gas tank more than half way full to keep fuel lines from freezing.

Be Prepared

We’ve all been left blindsided by winter white outs. A bit of preparation means peace of mind no matter the driving conditions. Keep a snow shovel in your car and some gravel to create traction should your vehicle get stuck in a snowdrift. Leaving your car in a ditch long-term can result in damage that is both difficult and expensive to repair. If you do get stuck in a ditch, don’t give in to frustration and strain your transmission. That can lead to expensive repairs that could send you into the payday loan cycle.

easyfinancial provides loans to Canadians with bad credit to lessen financial stress in times of need. We believe that financial health depends on how you spend your personal loan and budget everyday expenses like auto maintenance and repairs.

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