Budget Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Date posted: Sept. 10, 2015

Kitchen renovations can certainly be expensive, but some of the things you can do on a budget will liven up your space and perhaps provide you with more functionality. From adding a bright coat of paint to installing a new dishwasher and stove, you do not need a lot of money up front to make your kitchen look like new.

Add a Coat of Paint

A coat of paint is the perfect starting point for any renovation, and it is easy to see why. A splash of color on the walls can completely change a room's personality. Bright colors like yellow, light green, and even a lilac are perfect for kitchen areas, but be sure to select paint that is durable and can handle a scrub-down here and there. If you feel especially crafty, a new tile backsplash is another great choice for adding color and style.

Change Your Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are available brand new from major online retailers for competitive prices, but if you are on a serious budget and a light fixture does not fit, a thrift or consignment store may be just what you need. A chandelier is always a welcome addition, but make sure you scale it to the room and the size of your table. Other decorative light fixtures can add a hint of personality. In fact, you can even find tutorials online for making your own light fixtures from everyday items.

Make Your Own Curtains

Curtains can also make a huge difference in your kitchen since they change the way light filters through your windows. If new drapes (which are often expensive) are not in the budget, visit a local craft supply store and check out the material. Here, you can find sheer fabrics that are perfect for kitchen window treatments at insanely low prices. With nothing more than a pair of scissors, a needle, and some thread, you can fix up your own window treatments in just a few hours.

Paint the Table

Another option for renovating your kitchen involves painting your dining room table. Now, this may not be the best idea if you have an antique table with a beautiful wood finish, but if this is not the case why not add a coat of paint? The same color you used on the walls is always a good option since it will help you tie the room together. What's more, if you have leftover material from your curtains, you can use this for some re-upholstering work on the chair cushions.

Get New Appliances

Even if you have bad credit, and only have a little money to work with, you can get new, brand name appliances delivered right to your doorstep through a rent-to-own retailer. Whether you want white, black, or stainless steel, the options are virtually limitless. Consider adding a dishwasher to your kitchen space to save yourself some time and effort.

Renovating your kitchen does not have to be a drawn-out, expensive ordeal. With nothing more than some fabric from a craft store, a coat of paint, and a visit to a rent-to-own appliance site like easyhome, you can completely transform your culinary space into something modern and reflective of your own personality.


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