9 Spooktacular #HalloweenHacks

Date posted: Oct. 30, 2016
Halloween Crafted Ghosts

Easy Financial #HalloweenHacks

The spookiest thing about Halloween can be the price tag, especially when you’re short on cash. These fun DIY Halloween decorations will get your whole family in the spirit while avoiding mysterious apparitions on your next credit card bill.


Halloween Carrot “Pumpkins”


Not only are these festive carrots a healthy snack, they’re also great ammunition for a food fright. Start by cutting two lengthwise slits down the carrot. These slits will become the width of your pumpkin stem. Carefully make perpendicular cuts from both edges of the carrot until they intersect the first cut. Slice the carrots into rounds and serve.


Tissue Ghost Garland


Nothing too crypt-ic here, these tissue ghosts are an easy craft to make with kids. Pick up tissues, cotton balls, floss, a marker, and a long needle from the dollar store. Wrap tissue around a cotton ball and tie floss around the neck to create a ghost. Use your marker to draw eyes. Make as many ghosts as you’d like, then string these little guys together using floss and a long needle.  


Creepy Crawly Ice Cubes


Frosty ice trays are a great place for worms to spawn. Make these at home by filling an ice tray with gummy worms. Top off your tray with water, and freeze.


Halloween Hand Soap


This cute and affordable Halloween craft can be made with clear hand soap from the dollar store. Simply stir in creepy figurines and you’ll be ready to wash your hands of this craft. CAUTION: Spider infused soap may be venomous.


Spirit Jugs


Give your old milk jugs an afterlife with this creative, kid-friendly craft. Collect used gallon milk jugs and get your kids to draw spooky faces on them with permanent marker. Once that’s done, use a craft knife to cut out a small circle in the underside of your jug. Use a string of Christmas lights to stuff a few lights into each of the holes and you’ll be good to glow.


Jack-O’-Lantern Cheese Burgers


These delicious pumpkin patties are sure to vanish fast. Simply cut a nose, eyes, and mouth into a slices of processed cheese to create a jack-o’-lantern effect. Place the cheese on top your favourite burgers, allow to melt for one minute, and enjoy.


Spider Halloween Hairdo


This hair-raising Halloween costume is an inexpensive alternative to the ubiquitous witch’s hat. Start by gathering the following supplies at your local dollar store: black pipe cleaners, bobby pins, googly eyes, black pompoms, a small scrap of black felt, and a hot glue gun.


Create the spider faces by cutting a small circle of black felt and slipping it inside a bobby pin. Use hot glue to attach the pompom to the felt. Glue googly eyes to the front of the pompom.

Cut four black pipe cleaners in half to create the spider legs. Put your child’s hair (or your own) into a bun and fix the pipe cleaners inside. Bend slightly to mirror the shape of a spider leg. Use your bobby pin to secure the spider face pompom in the center of the bun.


Candy Corn Paper Plate Banner


Nothing corny about this cheap but stylish Halloween decoration. Make use of paper plates you’ve probably got lying around the house by turning them into a cute candy corn banner. Apply orange and yellow paint in circles to create a festive colour palate, then cut plates into eighths and use a hole punch and twine to create a wall hanging.


Jack-O’-Lantern Orange Cups


Your work is carved out for you with this adorable DIY project. Just slice off the top of an orange, scoop out the pulp, and cut out faces to resemble a Jack-O’-Lantern. Fill your orange with mixed fruit and serve up this zesty twist on a Halloween classic.

Saving money during over Halloween doesn’t require a magic wand. All you need is some inspiration and a bit of elbow grease. Try these simple Halloween decoration ideas and you’ll be ready to let the festivities R.I.P without breaking the bank.


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