What is creditplus?

creditplus is a savings loan that you pay into regularly and then get access to the funds you’ve saved at the end of your term. With each on-time payment, creditplus helps you build and improve your credit while you save. creditplus is your first step towards a better tomorrow, today. 

How It Works

No credit or damaged credit? creditplus can help you build your credit with on-time payments as you work towards improving your credit, while saving money. Plus, easyfinancial will qualify you for $1000 loan guaranteed in as early as 6 months when you make all of your payments on-time*! creditplus is your first step towards a better tomorrow, today.

  1. Call us today to learn more about creditplus
  2. Choose between a $1500 or $3000 savings loan and your payment terms
  3. Watch your credit score improve with on-time payments
  4. In select provinces, get your $1000 easyfinancial loan in as early as 6 months*
  5. Access your savings after your term, with the benefit of having improved your credit!*

creditplus can work for you!






rebuilt credit
after bankruptcy

About creditplus

Will I be approved for creditplus even if my credit score isn't great, or if I have no credit?

Yes! A creditplus savings loan is designed to help everyone. Even if you have lower credit or no credit, you could still qualify.

How does the creditplus savings loan benefit me in the long run?

Having strong credit will qualify you for better loans with friendlier interest rates, saving you thousands in interest costs. With improved savings, you will also have the funds available to go on vacation, go back to school, put a down payment on a car, or to help purchase a home.

How does the creditplus Loan build credit?

All your on-time payments into the creditplus savings loan will be reported to the credit bureau, to help improve your credit score. As you make your regular on-time payments over your term, your credit report will reflect the responsible management of your savings loan.

How can I access my savings?

At the end of your term, an easyfinancial branch representative can help you get access to the funds you've saved.

What customers are saying


“I had previously had difficulty obtaining a loan due to a credit score of 0. In a few months, I am proud to say that my credit is now in a position that is allowing me to qualify for a loan with easyfinancial. I’m thrilled about my new found credit and am using my funds to buy a car. I look forward to building my credit!”

St. Martins, New Brunswick


“A client went into our branch in hopes of getting a small loan. She was unfortunately declined, due to a poor credit rating. On April 26, the client was approved for her first easy financial loan! Branch 2535 has really seen the value in the Savings Loan, and is working hard to make more of these happy sales calls!”

Branch 2535
Pembroke, Ontario