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Instead of filing for bankruptcy or consumer proposal, combine all your debts into one debt consolidation loan. With one monthly payment, you’ll save on interest and your debt will be more manageable. 

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Consumer Proposal Is Not the Answer

Bankruptcy trustees suggest that getting a consumer proposal is better but think of how your credit rating could be affected or how your creditors may not approve of your application. Plus, if you miss multiple payments, your creditors may continue collection activities or legal proceedings. Getting a debt consolidation loan will give you piece of mind and protect your credit.

Avoid bankruptcy or consumer proposal by getting a debt consolidation loan and secure the financial future you deserve, today.


The Risks of Bankruptcy/Consumer Proposal

Filing for bankruptcy DOES NOT wipe out all your debts. Insolvency can have a significant and detrimental impact on your life, including your credit score, access to credit, and access to many other life essentials.


Let’s consider the facts:



overdue bill

Vacation & Travel

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Sporting Goods

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Electronics & Appliances

Home Furnishings


Auto Parts & Service