Unfortunately we cannot qualify you for an easyfinancial loan at this time but we still have options that can help you out.

You have been pre-approved for both a Refresh Financial credit rebuilding loan and for an easyhome lease on furniture, applicances and electronics to help you get the things you need.



We know you need cash, so we've pre-approved you for a credit rebuilding loan that will help improve your credit so that you can qualify for an easyfinancial loan.


 Get loan approval within 24 hours

 Build up your savings automatically

 Save thousands on long term interest

 Rebuild your credit




If you are looking for brand name furniture, appliances, electronics or computers we've pre-approved you for one of our flexible lease-to-own agreements. PLUS we'll even give you one week FREE on your first lease agreement!


 No credit needed

 Affordable, flexible payments

 Upgrade, or return anytime

 Serving customers since 2003

If you have any questions please contact us at 1-844-446-3279.