Why is a moving concierge service the key to a successful move?

Moving can be quite a hassle, and there are many ways that it could go wrong. However, with a good planning, and the help of professionals, it can be the beginning of a great adventure.

A free moving concierge is key to a successful move. With a network of professionals and partners, they assist you with all the details of your move. We’ll show you here how a moving concierge can help you.

They tackle all the administrative tasks of your move.

When moving, there are many tasks we must do before the actual move. It includes a lot of paperwork and quite some time over the phone. However, thanks to a centralized form, a moving concierge can help you contact all your service providers at once.

With this form, you only need to select the organizations you wish to contact, they’ll take care of the rest. Here are examples of tasks they can do for you:

Proceed to your changes of address

Even if we feel like we don’t receive mail, it is necessary to inform your service providers and every organization that you have accounts with. Here are some organizations that you can inform with a moving concierge:

  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance carriers
  • Governmental agencies
  • Reward programs
  • Newspapers & magazines
  • And even more!

You can let them all know with just a few clicks

Look for a new Internet service provider

A move is a good opportunity to think about your Internet service, are you satisfied? Unfortunately, even if we are not satisfied, many of us don’t like the idea of ​​spending hours on the phone to find another company, or another package that would suit better.

However, your free moving concierge will be happy to help you easily find a new Internet service provider and a plan that will answer your needs, all while looking for the best prices.

Your moving concierge will show you different options available at your new home for you to compare and make an informed choice.

This can also be useful if your current service provider does not serve in your new area.

Find new insurances

If you are moving, it is possible that your new situation doesn’t fit your current insurance premium. In this case, it is important to make sure your insurance is updated to be certain that you are well covered. It is also a great opportunity to check if you have the best coverage at the best price. With a moving concierge, it is also easy to receive and compare different insurance quotes.

Find a moving company

One of the hard decisions when moving is deciding whether we’ll use the help of professional movers or not. However, they can help you find the best local moving company  (or best long-distance moving companies) for your move. Having an idea of the different prices on the market can help you decide and choose which company you’ll want to hire.

It can be quite time consuming to research every company and go through the entire process of filling out the various forms to request quotes. However, with the centralized form, you can receive many quotes at once. This way, you’ll make sure to know which companies offer the best price.  

Your moving concierge assist you throughout the whole process.

If you’re not sure where to start, your moving concierge will guide you through the different steps of organizing your move. With many checklists and articles, they’ll make sure you don’t forget anything in the planning of your move.

All the questions you might have, your moving concierge will help you find the answer. Because of an online chat, it is easy to ask all your questions to a real human and find all the resources you might need, therefore making your move a success.

They will provide you with every resource you might need about moving. Whether you are looking for a mover, or for a personal loan to cover your move, they’ll make sure to share the best resources.


Because of their passion for moving and their large network, a free moving concierge service is an easily accessible resource to make sure your move goes smoothly.

To recapitulate, your moving concierge will help you:

  • Organize your move;
  • Save time and do the paperwork;
  • Find different deals for your home services and your move;
  • Guide you throughout the whole process.

Take advantage of a moving concierge service to enjoy the process and start fresh!

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