6 High-End Appliances that Won't Break the Bank

Living on a budget and reaching your financial goals doesn’t mean you have to eat ramen every day. To make your financial habits sustainable, you need to be able to enjoy the little things in life including a good cup of coffee and a decent meal. To bring a little indulgence to your lifestyle without breaking the bank, here are six high-end appliances you can add to your home that won’t derail your financial goals but will help you sustain your financially frugal lifestyle.

French Press

Brew your coffee in style with a French press coffee maker. A high-end French press will only set you back less than $50, and with you’ll enjoy the smooth simplicity of pressed coffee. A French press coffee maker will add a touch of class to your next brunch and offers an economical way to enjoy an amazing cup of coffee. No Starbucks is required! Just be careful – many French presses are made of glass and easily break when being washed – so stick to hand washing.

Vegetable Steamer

Steaming vegetables is much tastier than boiling them and much healthier than roasting them with butter. But getting carrots or broccoli steamed to perfection by hand is a difficult task. Steam them too long, and you’ll end up with a bowl of mush, too short, and you’ll be crunching your way through your greens. By adding a vegetable steamer to your arsenal of cookware, you’ll enjoy perfectly steamed vegetables every time. Just set the timer and let the steamer do the work. You can find a good quality vegetable steamer can for $50.

Water Purifier

Living in the city has many benefits. You’re closer to good jobs, friends, and nightlife. One of the definite downsides is the taste of the treated water in many cities. Instead of drinking bottled water, which is expensive and bad for the environment, consider purchasing a water purifier. A simple $20 Brita water filter can make your life so much better.


If you’re looking for a way to save money on your soda habit while still enjoying the occasional beverage, consider adding a SodaStream to your kitchen. A SodaStream is a household appliance that carbonates your beverages on demand. Besides being a cost saving measure, it can be a great way to cut sugar out of your diet. SodaStreams aren’t the cheapest appliances at $120 but will save you money if you have a carbonated beverage habit.

Garment Steamer

Going to a job interview with a new suit won’t make a good impression if that suit is wrinkled. A garment steamer will save you time and allow you to go to work wrinkle free without having to break out your clothes iron and ironing board. You can also use garment steamers can also for some other purposes including steaming curtains and sheets. You can expect to pay about $80 for a garment steamer.

Milk Frother

Serve your guests high-end lattes and cappuccinos including steamed milk that you’ve frothed to perfection by adding a milk frother to your arsenal of appliances. This simple, $15 tool will allow you to whip your steamed milk into a froth so you can create the latte art that was previously only available in an expensive coffee shop.

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